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Protect yourself from Fraud

Scammers are preying on the fears related to COVID-19 and are trying to take advantage of Medicare members through various schemes using telemarketing calls, automated calls, e-mails and social media posts.

Some of these schemes include:

  1. Laboratory telemarketing selling:
    • Fake COVID-19 testing;
    • COVID-19 testing allegedly mandated by Medicare;
    • Vaccines against COVID-19 which have not yet been developed and approved.

  2. Drug telemarketing selling unproven COVID-19 treatments and drug therapies.
  3. Other drug telemarketing schemes selling topical creams, nasal rinse, ophthalmic products and mouthwashes.
  4. DME telemarketing where an alleged DME provider calls a member requesting its Medicare ID and Plan ID in order to send unnecessary DME supplies (such as braces or orthotics) supposedly ordered by the member’s specialist.
  5. Offers of COVID-19 packages and senior care packages that include masks, other PPE, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.
  6. Offers to replace your Medicare ID to ensure coverage during the COVID-19 crisis.
  7. Fake charities or individuals seeking donations or claiming to be fundraising to support in the COVID-19 crisis.\

In these situations, the person contacting you wants to confirm your personal information (such as your Medicare ID, Social Security number or credit card information).

Do not give out your personal information to any unsolicited callers. Do not give your Medicare ID to anyone other than your physician or another trusted heath care provider. It’s important to always guard your Medicare ID and review your Medicare claims Explanation of Benefits for errors. Remember, Medicare will never call you to ask for or to verify your Medicare number.

To obtain more information on how to protect yourself from fraud and to reports you suspicions of fraud, visit: or call us on the telephone number listed in the back of your member ID.


Last Updated: 09/03/2020